Sunday, November 8, 2009

Updates, 19 weeks out

Week Two, Day One of the 100 Push Ups Challenge!
Set One: 9
Set Two: 11
Set Three: 8
Set Four: 8
Max Set: 20- OMG!
Total: 56

I went after the max set determined to push hard and not wimp out. I haven't done that many push ups in a row in.... yeah, a long time. :)

The scale and I are at war. I find it to be an a-hole right now. :P But my clothes and measurements are apparently on the scale's side too. This is terribly disappointing considering how hard I worked. My weight went UP and measurements stayed the same. I was 100% in the eating department and workouts. What gives?
Brief history- me & woman time have not gotten along for about 10 years. I always had crazy PMS before any medical intervention. I was borderline not stable. M-O-O-D-Y is barely applicable. So about 10 years ago I discovered birth control when I began getting horrible migraines. A lot of things contributed to the hormonal meltdown- I was way overextended. I was working 60 hours a week, going to school full time and had other outside activities as well. I would sleep every couple of days. I worked 3rd shift so really- I would be so wired up sometimes when I got home in the morning I couldn't sleep. So anyway, without HBC my hormones are completely whacked. I need to get down to a healthy weight before I can considered coming off them again. The way things are supposed to work is that I basically don't have periods. Having them means migraines, crazy PMS and the typical bloating, 5lbs of weight gain, etc. I should have suspected something was up. I thought it was just low carbs, but I was a major B this last week. I started getting a headache Friday and the last two days I have slept a ton and I have a headache fighting its way to take over. NOT cool. I'm hoping this passes soon, but now I'm concerned that the BC isn't working as birth control either! I have PCOS so its not likely I'd get preggers, but still... I'm not willing to risk that! Oh, and I won't get bennies for my new job until January so no fixing the non-working pill til then. *sigh* So I know what happened this week. Really. The increase was minimal and would definitely cover up any loss. 5lbs gain is nothing for PMS for me. I'm a water hog. Is that just a genetic make up thing?

Anyway, I'm 19 weeks out as of yesterday and I'm worried I won't make it. I'm adjusting the cardio intensity and doing full body stuff this week. I need to get my muscles burning up the fat. I thought things were good this week. I was starving for meals when it was time. Meal timing was great and I calories were on. I'm blaming woman crap and moving on. If next week is a bust I might cry and then try something different. :P

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