Thursday, November 5, 2009


Day Three of the 100 Push Ups Challenge !
Set One- 8
Set Two- 10
Set Three- 7
Set Four- 7
Max Set- 14
Total- 46

I've been 100% for 4 straight days. Starting the 5th out right. :) I've been tempted so many times at the end of the day to just eat something I'm not supposed to. I've managed to keep myself on the right path. I know what sugar is and does to me. Today is a carb up day, so YAY! Its been a challenge for sure, but each day gets easier. No skipped workouts. I'm drinking tons of water. I have a body builder guy in my training class. I think we are both doing better having the support system in each other. We can drink gallons of water and its okay. We make lots of trips to the restroom. :P Its nice to have someone else understand what I'm doing and why. Most people just think you're nuts drinking that much water and not eating out of the vending machine. :) Maybe I am, but I feel good.

As far as the scale goes, progress was going well and then today I showed a gain. Grrr. I don't get it. I'm on plan, so... I'm going to keep pushing. If a few more days go by and I don't see a decent drop I might start freaking out. I don't have a lot of time to play these games! With my weight being so high, I should see steady decreases for awhile... One day at a time. I'm doing the right thing.

Off to go work shoulders!


Julie said...

Great job! Just my opinion, but if you know it's going to freak you out and you know that freaking out will only hurt you...Is there any way I can convince you that you don't need the scale's approval to know that eating clean and working out is the right path? I realize you are on course in a certain time frame, but would it hurt to give up the scale for a bit to sidestep the freak out altogether?

Healthgirl said...

Hi Julie! :)
Haha.... hmmm... Hi. My Name is Hillary and I'm addicted to the scale. :) I know, I know... *sigh* I guess since my clothes aren't any better either I was hoping for something to validate my efforts. I'm also trying to see what carbs do to my weight- high vs low. I "know" what should happen, but... yeah. I need to hide the scale for a while. :)
Thanks for the comment! :)