Friday, November 13, 2009

On E

My body's gas tank, that is. I've eaten well this week. I've been good on timing. I had a slip up Monday. I was cranky about the scale still and I hadn't had Chipotle in a long while so I splurged. I got my delivery of good vitamins and I did well energy-wise at work. I've been waking up feeling the need for more sleep. I'm wiped out this morning. I'm ready to go back to bed all day. I must get some cardio in, but I am fighting the I don't care attitude. I want sleep. My head is congested so badly. I'm sure that's making me tired too. I got enough sleep. I could just keep sleeping. I have never been a coffee drinker, but I am starting to think that if I want to make it to my comp date, I might have to try it. :P

K. I can do this....

And just because it is stuck in my head... :)

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Evelyne said...

Hey Girl! Love your new look! I know you can do this! Congrats on being determined to compete! I'm sure you will do perfect. Hang in there, it's consistency that's most important. I'm staying away from the scale and just not fretting too much. The less stress the more weight will come off.
If you're interested in coming over to visit me, I've gone private. Send me an email and I'll invite you! Talk soon!