Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Push Ups and Protein Powder!

Week Two, Day Two 100 Push Ups Challenge

Set One: 10
Set Two: 12
Set Three: 9
Set Four: 9
Max Set: 21
Total: 61

Rough morning. I had so many crazy dreams last night and this morning. The last few hours before my alarm went off I was dreaming of being attacked and kept waking up. It was so strange. I was scared, but not absolutely petrified where I was frozen in place. I was trying to protect someone else (who I thought also had my welfare in mind). We kept getting cornered in a bathroom stall and I was trying to keep the attacker(s) out. Interpret that one! There was a ton going on and the rest is less clear now. Sometimes there was a baby to protect. The other person was always a woman. There were also times when older ladies would try to drop off babies and food at my door. Huh? Yeah. Crazy.
So the morning was not very restful. I am so congested and my asthma is ramped up. Maybe the nicer weather kicked up some allergies for me? It is a great morning for a workout. Ha! The quality is lacking a bit, but I'm still doing my best.

I got my delivery from Vitaglo yesterday!! I got my Beverly UMP. (yummmm) I was running low and worried I wouldn't have enough. *whew* I got my Alive vitamins, 4-3-2-1 Detox vials, and Super Cissus Rx. I am hoping the Super Cissus will help with my elbows and joints/tendons over all. The Alive! Vitamins are my favorite. It sounds crazy, but I think they work the best and I don't get hearburn from them.
Not in my Vitaglo order, but I also got some Eggnogg'n tea. I am going to try making it and using it cold mixed with my protein powder. Perhaps that will be a decent substitution to my eggnog? I am avoiding SF anything for awhile. It makes my tummy very angry and I think its the cause of my bloating and weight gain. My diet was clean but I had SF syrup with my protein pancakes 2x and I also drank some diet coke to stay awake during training. I think those two things caused me issues. I know the fake sugar is in lots of products (like my protein powder) but I am reducing as much as possible. I'll do a review of the tea and detox things later. :)

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