Monday, November 30, 2009

Fun Morning- official song of the day and big butts

Its been a fun morning filled with big butts and gung-ho dieting. :)

This was shared by Becca- originally found on LOVE this!!

The text reads:
My butt is big and round like the letter C and then thousand lunges have made it rounder but not smaller. And that’s just fine. It’s a space heater for my side of the bed. It’s my ambassador. To those who walk behind me, it’s a border collie that herds skinny women away from the best deals at clothing sales. My butt is big and that’s just fine. And those who might scorn it are invited to kiss it.

Oh yeah. My booty is big and I'm working on getting it tighter and rounder.

And for my musical moment- the OFFICIAL Song of the Day:


Just click on the link, click the video and read the lyrics. Do it. DO IT! Its too fun to pass up and I promise you'll be singing it all day. :)

So much goodness in the morning... I love it!

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