Saturday, November 21, 2009

**Honest Scrap**

Okay, I was tagged by Marissa. :)
Its been such a crazy week... Finally had some time to give some decent answers.

10 things about me...

1- I have always wanted to be a dancer. I took ballet lessons for 6 weeks as a child and was beyond thrilled. Growing up in the 80's money shortage meant that was it for me. Too many other self-esteem issues over the years kept me from ever taking a class as an older child/adult. I love watching Fred & Ginger movies. I watch DWTS with awe and longing. One day I WILL learn to dance. For now, my two left feet will watch. Right now, I feel a bit like the dancing hippos from Fantasia.

2- I love Marilyn Monroe. I love reading about her life- her personality, her struggles, her victories... she was an amazing woman. She faced so many trials. Her life was filled with tragedy. She overcame many obstacles. Despite the way her life ended, she did have some victories.

3- I used to ride horses and miss it dearly. I was so in tune with my horse. I could sleep in his stall with him. I spent many hours in my barn and the barn of my grandparents'. I wouldn't say I was any horse whisperer, but I certainly had a connection with these beautiful and majestic creatures.

4- I'm a farm girl at heart. I grew up in a "regular house", but I spent many days and all summer at my grandparent's home. I baled hay, cleaned stalls, trained dogs, rode horses, raised cows, turkeys and rabbits for 4-H. I like the conveniences of city living, but the farm will always have my heart.

5- I love to learn. I always had my face in a book as a child (when I wasn't doing farm stuff. :P) I changed my major so many times in college because too much was interesting. I kept getting sidetracked by other classes. Meteorology, Psychology & Sociology (double major attempt), Sports Medicine and Art Therapy were all majors I had at some point. I never did complete my bachelor's degree. I have more than enough credits for two degrees. I am 4 classes shy from my psych degree. But unfortunately, I ran out of $$ before I could finish.

6- I love being a photographer. I have a good eye but need more technical skills. Finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to buy more equipment would be great too. Haha. I dream of traveling to Kenya and the Galapagos Islands to take some amazing nature photos. I'd love to produce my own photo book one day. Every year I do a calendar of nature pictures.
Recently I've started taking maternity, baby and comp photos. I am hoping to do more compeition photos and move up to some fitness modeling shoots, too.

7- I dream of doing a pin up calendar. I know that underneath this protective layer of fat is a gorgeous, curvy body. In high school I rocked the measurements- 36-24-36". I can do it again- this time with some more muscle! Baling hay was good for me, afterall. ;)

8- I love wine. Riesling is my standard favorite, but there aren't too many grape juices I haven't liked. :)

9- I can't swim. I can sorta doggy paddle. I cannot float. I had tubes in my ears 5x as a child. I got so many ear infections and it always seemed to be triggered by water- swimming or in the shower. I hate things in my ears to this day. I will go in the water at the beach and I can "swim" enough to enjoy myself, but in a pool or too far out in the ocean and I'm in trouble. I wish I was more interested in learning. I love the beach... and the ocean in Aruba was amazing...

10- I love to sing. A lot. Singing makes me happy. I used to perform songs for my stuffed animals. I got asked to stop singing so loudly in 2nd grade. We got to put on the headphones in the back of the classroom if we finished our work early. I popped in a Carebear's cassette and put the headphones on.... and without realizing it, I was singing and jamming along. lol SO Embarrasing!

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Marissa said...

These are kinda fun I have to admit! You learn a lot about people! We have a lot in common!! And yes you can and will make one hawt pin up girl!!!
Thanks for doing this girl :)