Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 2 Push Up Challenge & Carb Cycling

Day 2 Push Up Challenge
Set 1- 6
Set 2- 8
Set 3- 6
Set 4- 6
Set 5- 12
Total: 38

I am starting to adjust to the ebb and flow of carb cycling. My body responds well. I just get moody at night. I start feeling sad and weird. When I get like that, my immediate thought is- I need carbs! Duh. No I don't. That means my meal plan is working right. :) I actually feel great most of the day on lower carbs. I don't feel as fluffy or as tired. Its the next morning that I feel like crap. This morning cardio was so hard. I was starving when I woke up and pushing through was a little hazy. I'm refueling with some yummy oats and protein powder. The rest of the day will taper the carbs out. This works well for me.

I'm running behind schedule this morning. Too little sleep = no good! Must get ready for work.

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