Saturday, November 21, 2009

100 Push Ups ... 17 weeks out

Week Three, Day Three 100 Push Ups Challenge (halfway there!)
Set One: 16
Set Two: 21
Set Three: 15
Set Four: 15
Max Set: 30!
Total: 97!!

So I am almost up to 100 push ups in a setting. Not all at once, but still...
My wrists aren't pleased with the strain when I get past 20, but they'll get stronger.

17 weeks out. I won't lie. I have HUGE doubts. My hormones are still not playing nice. In the beginning of this year I had issues with headaches and nose bleeds as a result from the hormonal wonkiness. Its back again. I've cut out as much artificial garbage as I can. I am eating mostly whole foods. Protein powder has been cut back, but I still use it about 1x a day. I am taking my vitamins, calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. Salt isn't being added to anything. Its a very frustrating process. Its this process of super hard work with lackluster results that causes my fall or jump off the wagon. I get so frustrated. There have been times where I think working out so hard caused me more trouble. :(
I have dreams. I want those dreams to be reality. I'm in a position now where I can be so much more compliant on a program. My old job made meal timing beyond difficult. That isn't the case anymore. I'm trying to do this on my own and I feel like its not happening. I wish I could afford a trainer to help really tweak and review things. Its not a simple process for me. Its not as easy as cutting out soda and walking. I don't drink soda. I workout hard. There is a definite issue with my body and doctor after doctor as failed me. I'm not just a lazy tub of lard! Its known I have PCOS... why can we not fix me! I am going to do my best to reduce anything that's not "natural". Chemicals have to go. I may have to dump my protein powder. Its just nice to have that instead of meat. I hate meat. *sigh* When I can afford it I am going to switch more to organic. I do a little now. I need to increase that.

I may not make my date, but I'm not giving up. I'm going to keep visualizing it.


ironladysblog said...

Hang in there! You can do this and you've got to focus on the other reasons you want to do this other than competing. Don't you love how working out and eating healthy makes you feel? Don't you want to know that you are doing things to extend your life and make your body better? Don't always focus on the scale or you will get discouraged. I didn't lose any weight at all for the first 6-8 weeks of my last comp prep but I didn't give up and neither can you. Don't have doubts! You CAN do this!

Healthgirl said...

Hey Francina! :)
I know what you're saying. I know my health is better- at least I hope so! Its just that I have 60 freaking pounds to lose. Its not like I am even remotely close where I should have a plateau. I'm trying to not be discouraged, but when I have tried everything I know how, its hard not to freak out... I'm not giving up though. It won't happen. :)

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