Friday, November 27, 2009

After Thanksgiving Thoughts

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

Family holiday times are often a bag of mixed emotion for me. For those of you lucky enough to really get along with your family- feel blessed! So much has changed over the years and family gatherings aren't what they could be.
I did very well with food. I had small samplings of food. I just didn't want to gorge. Food really had no power over me. My aunts tried to make me eat all their foods. The only real indulgence I had was green bean casserole. Its been a family tradition for... as long as I've been alive... maybe longer. ;) It brings back memories of when things were lighter and happier. And it tastes good, too. I don't feel the slightest bit guilty. It was a good day.
My body is definitely going through something. I woke up yesterday with a headache, swollen hands and a backache that has since radiated up to my neck. I'm staying the course with my food plan. I am taking a rest day today for my workouts. I'm in quite a bit of pain. Head to lower back... I don't know why... headache I get. The only thing I can think of is maybe the push ups? I really worked hard to push through the sets. Maybe I strained too much and pulled my back and neck?
I really just want to sleep with a heating pad all day. Instead I am off to work on this lovely Black Friday. I didn't have to open, so I close instead. Not looking forward to it really. But I should be thankful I have a job. I hope the day isn't too crazy. :) Hope my back is better by tomorrow. I need to get back to my workouts.

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