Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love this prescription for the scale....

Reprinted from another thread, but here is Dr. Char's prescription for banishing the scale-weight blues:

1. Eat large meal of clean food for energy. E/C stack optional.

2. Take scale and toss (through window) onto front lawn.

3. Fall to knees; beat scale with tire iron. Attempt to set PR for invective. Ignore staring neighbors.

4. Put scale into trunk of car; drive at high speed to nearest large garbage dump.

5. Take scale out of trunk; hurl into putrid pit of rotting food and coffee grinds.

6. Pay sweaty fat man with "CAT" cap to run his front-loader over scale several dozen times.

7. Take molotov cocktail (prepared earlier) from glove compartment; light and hurl onto remains of scale.

8. Dance mad jig around resulting bonfire. Insane cackling and kettlebells for additional GPP work optional.

9. Drive back to home at more sedate speed. Try for feeling that you have after really good sex.

10. Eat second clean meal. Between bites, chant "Free at last, free at last! Great god almighty, FREE AT LAST!!!!"