Monday, February 1, 2010

Calendar Update-- January Complete!

Well, I got 31 days under my belt before the most horrendous infection took over my body. I have been coughing for almost a week. I have sinus congestion so bad that I can't even get the neti pot to work. The water goes nowhere! I think I *might* be turning the corner... :) *crossing fingers*
Anyway, the sickness derailed me a bit. I haven't overeaten. I just had way more carbs than I'd like. I basically have lived off of soup and crackers. I haven't been hungry but I've tried to get some veggies in. I stayed mostly on plan today. Ended up with soup for dinner since my antibiotics and lunch didn't go well at all. These meds have torn my stomach up... I'll be glad when I am done with them AND this stupid infection. Apparently it is known to be a long one. I don't wish it on anyone.

I reached two goals in January. Well make that THREE.
1.- I fit into my wedding set again!
2- I dropped the 15lbs I was shooting to lose!
3- I ate clean for 31 days! NO artificial garbage, lots of veggies... It was truly an amazing experience to see how I changed. My mind is different!

I know that the next couple of months will have moments where I'll want junk. Social times do that. BUT I know I am stronger and healthier for eliminating the junk. The soup from this bout of sickness had NO MSG. I guess that's good. I just didn't have the energy or stomach for much of anything else. Tomorrow no soup. Back on plan 100%. That means I need to eat more meals. I barely got 3 in. I just didn't want to eat. I guess it could be my body working hard to fight off the infection. Digesting food takes away energy....

Anyway... here is my pretty calendar. Complete with stars galore! February's calendar has heart stickers!!