Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Updates -- 17.5 weeks out

Week Three, Day Two 100 Push Ups Challenge
Set One: 14
Set Two: 19
Set Three: 14
Set Four: 14
Max Set: 25
Total: 86 !

Today was tough at the start. I didn't have much of a warm up. I visualized doing push ups with something heavy on my back. I visualized being much stronger than I felt and it helped me crank out more than I thought I could do. Funny thing, that visualization thing... :)

So in other updates... being sick with no balance or energy is a sucky thing. I took yesterday off from everything. It should have been push ups day but I knew I'd be weak and I needed the sleep.
I got my appetite back yesterday and ate quite heartily. I was worried about the calories, but I was so hungry. I feel much better this morning. Still tired. I had a lot of strange dreams and moved around in my sleep a lot. I don't feel that exhaustion that being sick brings, just sleepy. For that, I am relieved.
I am way off track to make my goal competition in March. There is another competition 1 week later, but at this rate I don't think that one week will help. I'll have to play it by ear. I'm still going to push, but I am starting to think picking a show in the late Spring, early summer would be better. A slower, less stressful lean out would give me a more even loss... I really wanted to do this show, but if I'm not worthy of 12 weeks out in January, then I'm going to have to move the date. Hormones are playing especially mean right now, but I have to overcome. I have to see my goal through the haze. Its so hard to fight these crazy moods sometimes. Its absolutely amazing to see the impact they really have. No one wonder women seem nuts sometimes. :P

I'm easing back into working out. I don't want my body to flip out again and be sick. I'm SO over being sick. I think the infection on top of the hormonal migraines/mess just really sent me over the edge this weekend. If I could just have one issue to deal with at a time, that would be great. Thanks. I have to be better at controlling my asthma. This is going to be part of my focus for this prep. Honestly, how can my body do anything above and beyond exist if I don't allow the oxygen in? I always feel leaner after I wear my breathe right strips for a week. Sounds crazy, but there is good reason- oxygen is actually getting to where it needs to go. Funny how that works...

I'll have another blog coming up later. Much to do today though.

PS- I love comments. Even if its something like- "girl you are whack!" :) Comment so I can find you and follow. I promise to start being a better commenter myself.

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