Monday, November 16, 2009

Sick and a kick

I'm having a bad time lately. My hormones are completely out of control. I'm off the hook. Emotional and the swings are bad. Out of no where... Bad, bad migraines... And now I'm sick to top it off. My head is plugged and I'm dizzy. My chest has an elephant on it. :( So yeah. I feel really down. I know that I have to take care of myself, but I also have to push forward when I can.

This is a re-post from Pauline.... A good kick in the pants...


It’s amazing how some people seem to assume muscle mass will just happen. You go lift a little here and there and BAM you get all muscular. no way. NO way. It’s a slap in the face to all of us who’ve been working out for years for a few pounds of lean mass addition. And then have the gut to complain about a lack of progress? Come on, what is this? Especially when this notion comes from very, very intelligent, insightful individuals. That just proves the point: physical excellence truly is a skill and a skill which needs patience and true dedication to go in bloom.

I’m fed up with those who want results in two weeks or less. I’m fed up with those who think a year of training is A LOT to do for reaching a new physique, I’m fed up with those who complain about being fat and don’t move the fat around via exercise, I’m fed up with those who don’t accept exercise as a natural part of life, I’ve had it with those who say drugs make good bodies, not work ethic and dedication.

People LOVE to blame bad genetics, bad situations, no time, nothing this nothing that. Guess what, we ALL have the same hours per day. If I remember correctly, it’s 24 and yes in Sweden as well as in Sudan and America. How you handle them is another story.

I’m fed up with those who blame husbands or wives or kids or dogs or house mortgage or work on not being able to commit. Unless you are one of the many very unfortunate ones who cannot afford somewhat healthy food, it’s no excuse to say “I don’t have time to eat healthy”. Well, how the heck do you find time to EAT at ALL if you now have no time? How come there is always time and a place for bad snacking? Suddenly there really WAS some time, wasn’t there! Hm……"

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This can't last forever. I'll get well eventually. In the meantime- healthy food til I can move without dizziness.


Amanda said...

Don't feel bad about taking a couple days to get better. Your body heals and repairs itself when your asleep. It will do you good. You've been doing a great job with your workouts. I'm sure you'll get right back on track when you feel better.

Healthgirl said...

Thanks for the support! Its so hard for me to accept sitting still. I have such a long way to go and I hate losing any ground. Sleep helped a lot I think. :) Thanks!