Sunday, November 22, 2009

Transformations = Inspiration & Motivation

So I was on looking for some motivation and lookie what I found...

Superstars we know....
Muscle & the City??


These other ladies are big sources of inspiration too. I have a lot of weight to drop, so bigger losses are super inspirational for me.

Tracy Fenske
Vanessa Bailey

And the most inspirational one for me:
Tiffany Forni


Marissa said...

Aw thanks Hillary!! Before pictures are always so awful..I'm speaking for myself. You can do it and having inspiration is a GREAT way to stay on track. And I know you have my phone number and email. Call, text, email if you need support...I know I need to get myself back on track..a reminder NOT to look like my before picture EVER again!! :)

Evelyne said...

What inspiring and motivational transformations!!! Thanks for sharing those. I'm WAY confident that if you stay consistent and don't give up, YOU will achieve that and MORE! You're doing AMAZING with your push up challenge and it hasn't taken all that long for you to reach close to 100 push ups! What an accomplishment!!!! That right there should prove to you that once you put your mind to something YOU can DO IT! Trying to keep your mind clean is just as important as eating clean. This I'm working on too. Sorry I haven't been here to be encouraging, I've been slacking bad on being a good blogger friend. I've slacked on my fitness too. But, I'm back too and we can win this together!!

If you're interested in visiting me I've gone private, so shoot me your email addy and I'll add you in. My email addy is: hameve at gmail dot com.

Stay tough girl!

Анна Калинина said...

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