Thursday, December 3, 2009

PCOS, support and a nugget of truth

One of my Diva friends linked to a new site today. As some of you know, I have PCOS. Learning how to deal with various aspects of this syndrome has been a journey for sure. Its still not over, but I *think* things are going in the right direction. Anyway, I was aware of Soulcysters. I signed up and have read lots over the last year. I really may have benefited more had I participated and really got involved in the board more. Instead I just lurked periodically. Usually I was searching for more information to try and cope with some hormonal catastrophe I was experiencing. Most of the time I try to deny my situation. I try to pretend that I don't have a metabolic issue at play in my weight loss and overall health. My friend found a related site called Fitcyster. Its a branch off of soulcysters. Its really focused on the fitness side of things- the EXACT thing I have been wanting. I wanted to find a group of women that could relate to the reality of PCOS but still had goals to be fit and healthy. I have requested to be a part of this group and I hope that I will be allowed to join. The weight loss part of this journey is so pivitol to me managing my symptoms. I know the basics and even most of the details. The inspiration of successful women and those who are struggling, fighting and succeeding in the quest for health will be so helpful. I've been trying to do this on my own. I've tried to deny that my situation is real. It is real and having a specific support system means so much.
I absolutely love and adore all my Co-Diva and blog friends. I am not seeking a replacement for you!! I am just seeking to add a more specific support system to my already wonderful friends. :)
I am hoping to gain more knowledge and learn from other women's experiences. 2010 is my year to shine. I am committing to a lifetime and lifestyle of health. 2010 is just the beginning. ;)

Now for the nugget of truth. I found this on the Fitcyster site: An article from the Dayton Daily News.

Simply gritting teeth and using willpower might work for a while, the long-term weight losers say, but eventually they'll need coping skills for when the willpower runs out. Ultimately, Eshbaugh says, losing weight comes down to the things a person will do for himself. “Willpower is what you won't do.”

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Melissa H said...

You know that I have PCOS too, right?? Somehow I missed that you do!
My endo just put me on Glumetza. I have yet to see if it is helping the insulin resistance, but I'll let you know in a couple of months. :-)