Sunday, July 19, 2009

One way to get some fire back...

Go to a Comp!! I went to the Masters Nationals yesterday. WOW! If anyone EVER says they are too old to be in shape, you can kick them in the shins! There were some FABULOUS over 55 women and men.

I saw my friend Tara on stage (and in person of course) WOW!!! Completely gorgeous inside and out. She is SO SUPER SWEET!! I just adore her! She was absolutely stunning on stage. I thought for sure she was 1st in her class. So did her trainer. She placed 2nd which is still great in a class of 16! She gave me a little gift that was SOO sweet. I will live by these words and cherish her card. *sniff* She's wonderful!
Here she is!

I wanna be like her when I grow up! :P


Kelly Olexa said...

I agree with you about attending a competition; so inspiring to see all that hard work in person. Incredible.

Tina said...

Tara is a supa star :) I agree inside and out! And guess what she believes in you just like I do :)