Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Inner Calm

I am feeling more at peace this evening. Having some awesome friends and wise words surely helped! I got my workout in and I am proud of that. I have to get up early tomorrow for another workout and then go to the gym tomorrow night. *whew* Rough day ahead!

I found some affirmations I used to do when I was also practicing yoga more. I really do need to get back to yoga. I am pretty happy with my direction for now. I will do my affirmations in the morning to set my mind in the right place. Tomorrow or Thursday I will write out goals and possible steps to accomplish those goals. I also will write my resignation letter tomorrow and be ready to turn it in at any time. If I didn't have to think about money, I'd walk away tomorrow and never look back. I'd go to school this fall for X-ray tech and I'd take photos whenever I could. If I was able to, I'd spend a couple of months off of work altogether. I'd workout, relax, do some serious soul searching and volunteer work. I'd overhaul my life. If only... stupid money and bills! I don't want to not work, I would just love some time to get my head straight and let my heart feel free...

Thank you again friends!! I am so serious when I tell you that you mean the world to me and your support means more than words can say.

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