Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Masters National Comp Photos

I already posted a beautiful picture of Tara. I just wanted to post the link to the whole album. You can see some of the A class and the B classes for 35+. I got some bodybuilding women and the teen and collegiate men. I had such a blast taking these pictures. I really do love taking pictures. I think this may be a new direction for me. :) Anway... here is the link. Bella Vita Photography

I can't stop looking at my photos. :P I'm not sure if its because I am so amazed that I took these pictures or if I am so amazed at Tara and the other totally ROCKIN' bodies. Maybe both! Hee Hee... At any rate... I hope you like them. Next time I'm beating someone up for a better seat. ;)

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Evelyne said...

Oh Hilary, thank you SO much for sharing those! They are amazing pictures! You REALLY should consider photography as a career. You are AMAZING.