Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One step closer

So wow... every day that passes is one day closer to competition day. I know that day won't be here for some time, but I get butterflies thinking about it. I've been staring at bikinis all afternoon. I'm going cross-eyed. :P I have time before I need to worry about that, but I'm trying to get my vision together. I really believe "seeing" my goal and dream repeatedly will keep me on course and make it real. I think I am going with a turquoise color. I seem to get the most compliments when I wear turquoise or blue. I think I feel and look ... brighter?
I'm so pumped! I met up with a friend from a comp site and facebook. It was a good chat and I am so ready to get bikini ready. I hate lunges. Really. Hate. But, they are my magic weapon. Those and step ups. I must, must, must do them until I can do them no more. I have a great body underneath the protective layer. I'm working hard on the emotional side of things during this process as well. I don't need the fat layer to protect me any more. That's really why I have so much fat. Food was a refuge and fat is a protector. No more! Hills has got skillz! :D I am a strong and confident woman with a great body. I am so thankful that I have the potential I do. I WILL manifest my HAWT body and get a trophy while I'm at it!!

I WANT THIS BOOTY!! Lunges here I come....

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