Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 5

So today was Day 5. How have I done so far? Eh... not as good as I hoped. I'm frustrated. I am eating much cleaner than before and the weight is going up, not down. I'm sure the super long days, screwy meal timing and stress are making my hormone levels wacko. I'm retaining water like no other. I am hoping rest and the next few days off of work will help push a drop. I am fighting off another infection. Sinus and chest congestion. I am hoping that I can heal up and stop my hormonal mess.

I redid my blog layout. I'm going to be changing my flower picture soon, but I'm still working on collage. I felt like a new challenge needed a new look. :)

I'll have more later...

1 comment:

jilly said...

You can do this Hillary !!!!

I have a comp date at almost the same time....we both have a lot to do but WE CAN DO IT !!!