Thursday, October 22, 2009

Change in Plans

So I am now making a serious effort to consume whole foods as much as possible. I really think that will help me drop. I hate eating meat, but I've got to cut back on the protein powder, too. I see lots of eggwhites in my future. I'm sure using the protein powder and eliminating all other dairy will help. Dairy will keep me bloated. Maybe I should look for other protein sources in powder. I love my Beverly International UMP so much. Maybe I'll try Hemp Protein. Anyone try this?

Goal tomorrow is to make all my meals whole foods.


Tearose said...

Heyyyy! Love the new blog!! How ever did you get this brilliant layout? I have been in layout hell trying to get a 3 column layout but nothing works :(

Healthgirl said...

Hey Lady! This website: has lots of layout some 3 column. :)

I can't wait until I finish my new pic.