Saturday, October 31, 2009

20 Weeks Out

Time is flying! I am not making much progress. :( I've really got to step it up. I'm not getting enough water. Increasing that should help. I need to stop having any carbs aside from veggies after my 3rd meal (lunch). I think those two adjustments will help as well as kicking up the cardio. I am not feeling as confident about doing this on my own. I can't pay anyone for a few months. I can hopefully afford someone guidance in January. The last 12 weeks will be crucial.

I think I am going to bypass the eggnog this year. Even one glass is not okay. I love the stuff. I may attempt a protein shake that mimics it for Christmas morning, but the real deal must be avoided. Don't tell me to do a light version- anything out of a carton makes me crave more. *sigh*

I'm really disappointed in myself. I should have been down at least 4lbs. I'm making mistakes and free meals just aren't going to happen. Tonight is it. My coworkers are having a party for me. I'll be as sensible as I can. Sunday is a new week. I start my 100 push ups challenge. I am going to be free meal-less until Thanksgiving. Even then, it won't be a free for all. Just a few tastes of my mom's dishes.

I need to get my head back in the zone. Too much celebrating the job change. Its time to get driven, determined, focused and vigilant. The goals I am after require more than what I've been giving.


fitlioness said...

DaVinci makes a sugar-free Eggnog syrup, give that a try! :)

Healthgirl said...

mmmm- that's a thought! Thanks!

jilly said...

I wish I were already someone like Pauline Nordin, where my own life is my own proof and example, but I'm getting it together just like you are !

The only thing I can say though with experience is ... give yourself a break on the stress thing. You've been stressed for so long, it takes a while for your body to get out of stress-mode and relax too. It'll catch up if you just keep doing the right things every day.

We need to adjust our point of view and see our bodies for the AMAZING things they are...our partners! who've seen us through all that stress, and it's time to treat them with some loving care so they have a chance to excel instead of just survive.