Saturday, October 24, 2009

21 Weeks Out

Today marks 21 weeks out. This week was... interesting. It started out rough. I gained an additional 3lbs and ended up the week - 1lb. ??? Maybe my muscles were holding water? It was stressful for my mind to see the increases. I felt fatter and that's why I weighed in so much. Today I feel thinner and less puffy. The water definitely dropped. Maybe it was the magic pumpkin soup I made yesterday? :P I'll post pics and the recipe later. It was tasty and definitely higher in carbs, but tons of healthy fiber. :)

I feel better prepared for this next week. I have a feel for how my body reacted this week. I'm going to do better at the carb ratios and definitely stick with more whole foods when possible. Protein powder has its place for sure, but I need to strive for real foods not from any kind of container. :)

So far so good. Cranking up the intensity this week.

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