Friday, October 30, 2009

100 push ups and stuff...

I decided that I need to seriously increase my upper body strength. I stink at push ups. I am not a huge fan of them- because they are weakness, so its a never ending cycle. I am doing the 100 push up challenge starting Sunday. I am planning to do this twice. The first 6 week cycle is for the modified version. Yes, I am weak. Its okay though. Everyone starts somewhere. I am starting at the "girl style". I'm excited. I've never been able to do many push ups. Doing 100 girl push ups will give me a huge gain in strength so that I can do the next stage and work my way to 100 full push ups. :)

100 Push Ups!

I am now officially done with the evil job. :D Hooray! I start the new job on Monday. I should be able to stay on a good meal schedule now. :) I won't be in a stressful panic all day long either. I plan to work hard and stay busy, but its not going to be "OMG- the sky is falling" mode. Next week is in the training room. Should be easy going. I am excited because meal timing will be so easy.

This weekend is a tough challenge in the diet department. Its my anniversary and my going away party. *sigh* I will stay on plan as much as possible and there are double cardio sessions in my future. I can't make it equal, but I can try to do some damage control.

Off to accomplish much.... its a GOOD day!


Julie said...

Hi, found your blog and love to watch people as they journey to the stage! Your pushup challenge is awesome - oh. the. hurt. of doing so many pushups! SUCH a great exercise!

Healthgirl said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. :) I've got quite the journey happening. Can't wait to start the push ups.