Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love Your Body

So yesterday was Love Your Body Day. NOW (National Organization for Women) declares a day in October as Love Your Body Day.  Check out this quiz and see how you do...
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I'm always so hard on myself and my sense of worth is directly related to how I feel about my body. So I decided that I would list some reasons to LOVE my body instead of endlessly focusing on it's flaws.

Reasons to LOVE my body-
  1. It is still working after all the abuse I dish out!
  2. I have all limbs and faculties in place!
  3. I have a nice smile
  4. I have a great and inviting laugh (I am told you can't help laughing when I laugh)
  5. My muscles gain strength easily
  6. At peak, I have a great hourglass shape. Even under the fluff its there though, so I'm including it!
  7. I have a keen and discerning sense of smell.
  8. I have nice hair.
  9. I have attractive hands.
  10. My body constantly regenerates- out with the old dying cells and in with the new! Its amazing what our bodies do!
This was harder than I initially thought it would be. My mind threw out a bunch of negatives immediately because those things are practiced and said over and over. I am committing to saying 3 positive things about my body each day. I certainly have less desirable things happening with my body right now, but I will make it a practice each day to focus on the good things and be thankful!

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Sunnie said...

Everyday should be a love your body day!!!!!