Monday, October 18, 2010

Eat Clean Diet Makeover Challenge!

I have decided that I must walk before I run. I can't sprint my way through a marathon.
If I am totally honest with myself. this weight is more about emotional hang ups and poor coping strategies more than it is about loving food. I do love food. Don't get me wrong! LOL

Lately I have been depressed from moving and being in an environment that I am not happy in. I sleep a lot- I feel so tired! I have also been eating more. More junk! My "cheats" have a high caloric impact. I've really tripped myself up and now I'm just feeling sad. I'm sad I have to work so hard to like myself. I'm sad I've let myself get this way again. I'm sad I never reached my goals.

In an effort to stop trying to sprint through a marathon- where I always end up falling apart, I am signing up for a challenge that has a great time frame to work with. I am entering the 3rd Annual Eat Clean Diet Makeover Challenge! Aside from reaching my physique and eating habits goals, I will also win a trip to Toronto for a photo shoot! A one hour consult with Tosca Reno! AND $3000! I am going to win. And I am going to win by changing my mindset. My relationship with food will change and so will my relationship with myself.

I'm very excited about this. I have to do pictures and measurements. So officially I won't start until Thursday. Unless I can figure out how to get pictures done sooner. It also gives me some time to get some more groceries in the house and meals prepared.

I am a winner! And I want to make this transformation! I WILL SUCCEED!

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