Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back from the Arnold

I'm back from the Arnold and I've done all the picture editing I'm going to do for now. I took about 1,000 pictures!

I had a wonderful time meeting up with the Divas. I wish we had more hangout time. I was busy being photographer and didn't get as much quality time. Boo. It was still great to meet everyone new and see some familiar faces too. :)

I realized a few things. First- I MUST get the fat girl mentality out of my head. If I see myself as the fact chic then fat chic I will stay. No more of that.  Second- my passion really is photography. I'm scared of failing. People say I have talent. I might agree I have talent, but my skill set is lacking. I figure things out on the fly. I have adjusted  and learned some things, but major understanding of the craft? Not where I'd like it to be and definitely not a Pro level.
I need to readjust my mindset on things. I am going to be working hard on developing my skills and techniques for my photography. I am also going to push myself nutritionally. Close isn't going to cut it. I need to really stay focused and nourish my body.

For anyone who doesn't have me friended on Facebook and wants to see pictures from the Arnold, you can go to BellaVitaPhotography and see them. I still have more to add but for now I have 58 pictures up.

For now here are a few:

Ava Cowan ( placed 3rd in Figure)
Erin Stern (2nd place Figure)
Nicole Wilkins - Ms. International Figure

Iris Kyle- Ms International Bodybuilding

Adela Garcia - Fitness International Winner

I have photos of every pro competitor. Not all are edited yet, but I think I have almost every fitness athlete done, a good portion of figure and then I am on to bodybuilding. 

Have someone you want me to post? Let me know!

Oh, and I have to post 2 of my favorite people on here...

The Stunning Tara Green (Figure B)

The Amazing Lori Raper (check out that booty definition!)


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Dee Dee Knight said...

nice pics!!
i was at the Arnold also ;o)