Friday, December 31, 2010

And here is My Official 2011 List

So the Bucket List remains the same.

The 2011 Goal List is here.

  1. Over the course of the year donate 65-70lbs of fat energy and maintain that.
  2. Get my own dog! 
  3. Take pictures for and make a 2012 Calendar
  4. Enter at least 4 photos in the Medina County Fair
  5. Build my ViSalus business to the point that I am self-sustaining! National Director
  6. Develop photography skills - do more photo shoots and group explorations! At least 6 photo shoots with models/friends and 6 explorations.
  7. Develop business plan for photography business
  8. Go hiking at least 4x 
  9. Go camping at least 2x
  10. Become a Tea Connoisseur- learn the art, methodologies, history, etc
  11. Run a 5K
  12. Run a 10K 
  13. Raise money for Alzheimer's Research- participate in a Memory Walk
  14. Cleanse, De-clutter & Purge un-needed items- SIMPLIFY my life
  15. Do PIN UP calendar- as the model!
  16. Transition to a more whole foods and vegan diet
  17. Watch at least 1 Cary Grant film a month
  18. Improve my Photoshop Skills
  19. Go on 2 Wine Tours
  20. Blog at least 1x a week
  21. Go to the Arnold and take lots of pictures!
  22. Vacation out of state- NYC, FLA, Portland, or OBX?
  23. Do 100 Push Ups
  24. Spend more time with family
  25. Everyday find at least one thing to be Grateful for. Attitude of Gratitude
  26. NO ice cream in 2011
  27. Sugar Detox- this will go in line with other parts of the diet shift- but won't coincide with the wine tours!
  28. Shop at more Farmer's Markets
  29. Grow some herbs and veggies
  30. Develop Yoga Practice
Its a big list I guess! Many things will overlap and many are processes that I hope to say I developed and/or completed by this time next year. Somethings are just plain accomplishments with deadlines. I know it seems like a lot but I should be able to accomplish this list. :)

BRING IT 2011!


Rapunzel said...

Happy New Year! May 2011 bring you everything you hope & wish for..and deserve!

Impressive list, indeed! Love the "get a dog" part, mine has definitely enhanced my life, and my fitness routine! :)

Dee Dee Knight said...

Good luck meeting all of your goals for this New year! you can do it!!