Monday, June 28, 2010

Changes in Progress

So things will be in limbo for a bit here. I'm going to try and get my new layout completed soon. iPhone really launches tomorrow, so that will suck up 2 days of my life. Not thrilled, but what can ya do?

I gained back 11  pounds in the last month and a half. How??- by not being active. Food hasn't been top notch either. Moving- exercise- is SO key. My body needs activity. Periods of pure exhaustion, having headaches, hormone freakouts... I have to find a way to overcome these. They happen. And I have to assume for now that they will always happen. Am I going to just sit back every time? Every time it happens, I retreat. I'm just going to have to push through them. As crappy as I feel.
Who's in charge here? ME or MY EMOTIONS? I'm sure there are times where I just need to rest, but when I can push, I must. The way I feel dictates too much of my life. I need to start operating on knowledge not feelings. I won't ignore my intuition... but I have to achieve some balance here.

I missed a week of C25K. Between uncooperative weather and work mayhem... I really need to get into a gym. Money is super tight right now, so hopefully next payday. I was progressing nicely. I am hoping to jump back into it soon. Maybe tonight. I did my 100 push ups program today.

100 Push Ups Program
Day One- 50 total

Going for 100% on the meals today.  Hopefully I can check in tomorrow with that as a success.

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Dani @ OK, Dan said...

Good Luck!!