Sunday, January 10, 2010

Visualization is KEY

When I think back on all the things I accomplished in high school, the main theme is that I saw myself accomplishing those goals. No one told me I had to visualize my goals coming true. Somehow, I had some confidence- perhaps I was just a cocky teenager? I was determined. Absolutely willful in everything I did. I'm quite sure my parents wanted to choke me at times. Haha. The point is, I was determined to succeed- to get whatever it was I wanted. I SAW those accomplishments before they happened. I FELT them. I had some frivolous goals- like winning the AFJROTC Military Ball Queen. Why? I don't know. I just really wanted it. I guess it was something that I thought would make me special. So... I saw myself winning. I felt that tiara on my head, the sash over my dress and the smile on my face when I won. Notice I said WHEN.  Sure I had moments of doubt and fear, but I spent more time focusing on winning. Same thing for first chair position in band, becoming a drum major, honor guard captain, creating a mounted horse unit for an opening ceremony for a drill meet, organizing a huge food drive that was amazingly successful... if I think about those accomplishments, I SAW and FELT success.  
That vision and feeling is what I've been lacking in a lot of my adult life. When I go for job interviews, I have that same determination and vision, but elsewhere is when I struggle. Life in general is good at smacking you around. If you don't hold fast to those dreams and visions, you can easily be led astray into the cloudy muck or daily surviving. People you meet in life aren't always nice. But there are plenty of nice and encouraging people out there. Those are the people to surround yourself with. Surrounding myself with like-minded and positive people have helped me so often. 
Pauline's blog gives me the kick in the butt I need. The Co-Diva Forums give me the friendship and positive feedback, my blog and blogging friends provide information and friendship... environment makes a difference. But the KEY in all of this- Visualization. I MUST see and feel success. So far its working great. I refuse to see myself as tired and frumpy and angry. I see myself as strong, slender, at peace... I see myself as determined and successful. I see my tiny waist and my strong, robust shoulders. I feel my shoulders growing when I work them. I see myself smiling and full of grace as I pose. I feel great and my body is responding...  

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Bowmanh23 said...

You are absolutely right. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and we need to start acting like it! Fake it til ya make it!