Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a fantastic New Year. Forget the past regrets. Move forward with determination and fervor.

This year is my year. I am declaring victory over obstacles and the achievement of dreams.

I woke up this morning to a kind scale. I am down 4lbs from Monday. I have been so diligent in my diet. I was so please to see this change! I was really weighing in for my 2010 start. My calendar is ready to rock with stars. I have the last 4 days of December filled up. Creating my own calendar took things to the next level and that really made it even more special. It's more important to do it right now more than ever.

My birthday is in 2 weeks. My goal is to be down 8lbs or more. I am keeping my precious muscle. I am eating on schedule and consuming enough protein. I am so pumped. I know that my dreams are coming true this year. I can feel it. I am determined and I can SEE it. I really can envision my success- my accomplishments are real.

On top of the hundreds of things I want to accomplish, I am going to make a special effort to pause each day in gratitude. I had a rough 2009. I sure wasn't alone in that, but I made it. I made it to another year, another decade. That's just the start....


Bowmanh23 said...

Whew! I know what you mean about making it through 2009! I am so glad it is over and we have a fresh start today. How awesome that you have dropped 4 pounds! I am sure you will reach your short term goal of 8 pounds by your birthday. It seems you are very strong and diligent! Happy New Year!

Stef said...

Happy 2010!!!