Monday, September 7, 2009



"Realize that there is no such thing as failure. Keep this in mind and you will achieve
all that you conceive in your mind. You never fail, you simply produce results.”
- Dr. Wayne Dyer

I love this. Its so much better than getting into a negative mindset. I am really working hard on mindset right now. I promise I'll do a real blog soon. I'm really pleased with where I am. I have much to accomplish, but everything is in the NOW. Positive thoughts playing in my subconscious are so much healthier than the negative. Whatever action I choose, produces a result. It may be in line with what I desire or believe, it may not. Its up to me to take the action that makes sense. ;)

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Evelyne said...

I know how hard it is to be positive all the time, but I can't think negative 'cause I would rather sleep all day then. Just as it seems the darkest, the light will shine brightest. Hugs girl!